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About Us

Where else a human soul might feel happier than sitting under the gray sky crowded with cotton clouds and surrounded by green view. Our brand name has sprung up from the same joyous feeling ! Our aim is to bring the attire that you can cherish like that wonderful feeling !

          What a strange power in clothing there is, and we want to empower women by bringing together all those high street fashion, party and lazy-day outfits, all at one place.

          Gray and Green is a small team from Jodhpur, India that does everything from design to stitching, together. You buy more than just an outfit here, you buy an experience, hundreds of hours of experimentation experience, you buy days, weeks and months of frustration, and relentless efforts and moments of PURE JOY. You buy a piece of heart, part of a soul. And most of all, you're buying our "time" to do something we're passionate about, designing the perfect clothes. Thank you for supporting a small business !  

           You can contact us on social media for suggestions or email us at 

           Welcome to Gray and Green India's online clothing store, bringing pocket worth and stylish women's wear.